The Tanks Subcommittee includes four Task Forces that manage the inspection of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) which typically contain petroleum products; provide oversight for the remediation any leaks or spills from these USTs; and administer financial assurance funds that are offered to the owners and operators of USTs. The members also provide comments on federal policies and rulemaking and work directly with both federal officials at U.S. EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) and officials of the State and Territorial UST programs.


Release Prevention Task Force

Chair: Michael Hollis (NJ)

The mission of the Release Prevention Task Force is to represent the interests of State and Territorial programs whose primary responsibility is the environmental regulation of State and Federally regulated USTs. These programs work in concert with U.S. EPA to ensure that owners and operators are in compliance with leak prevention, leak detection and financial responsibility requirements and, by so doing, reduce the impact of UST releases on human health and the environment. The Task Force serves as a liaison between State and Territorial UST Programs and the U.S. EPA and provides a forum for sharing information and ideas among State regulatory officials.


Leaking Underground Storage Tank Task Force

Chair: Tiffany Yee (AZ)

The LUST TF represents the unique concerns of State LUST Programs responsible for oversight, investigation, and remediation, and closure of releases of regulated substances from USTs. The LUST Task Force recognizes the important role of State LUST Programs in protecting human health and the environment through reducing exposure risk to contamination from UST releases. The Task Force will serve as a liaison between State and Territorial LUST Programs and the U.S. EPA, and act as a resource for distributing technical information and ideas among State LUST regulatory officials.

State Approaches to Addressing Leaking Underground Storage Tanks – Compilation Map


Financial Responsibility Task Force

Chair: Jill Stoltz (KY)

The mission of the State Fund – Financial Responsibility (SF-FR) TF is to identify important issues affecting State petroleum cleanup and/or liability financial assurance trust funds for USTs, to create a forum for the State officials who manage them to communicate and share related information and experiences, to interact and communicate with officials at the U.S. EPA on issues pertaining to its regulation and oversight of State petroleum UST programs, and to work together to achieve our mutual goals.


Emerging Issues Task Force View full page

Chair: Kris Grinnell (WA)

The mission of the Emerging Issues Task Force is to identify new and emerging issues that may impact program management of UST release prevention, cleanup, and financial assurance programs, and to provide resources and information associated with these issues to States and Territories to help guide strategic policies and efforts.