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Comparing EPA UST Regulations and NFPA Fire Codes (2/8/2023) - This document provides UST managers a breakdown of where EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) UST Regulations and the National Fire Protection Association Fire codes are aligned/misaligned. Most US states adopt NFPA 30 (Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code) and… ... Read More


Leaking UST Cleanup Compilation Map (7/22/2022) - The national UST program has cleaned up over 505,000 leaking UST (LUST) releases in its history, and approximately 60,000 LUST releases remain as of March 2022. The ASTSWMO LUST Task Force has compiled information and lessons learned from across the… ... Read More
2021 Annual State Fund Survey/Tanks Update (6/9/2022) - The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, in partnership with ASTSWMO, conducts a survey of all State Financial Assurance Fund programs and provides results on their design characteristics, funding, and fund activity each year. Summary and results from 2021 are provided… ... Read More
Webinar – ASTSWMO and Tanks Subcommittee 101 (1/13/2022) - Are you interested in learning more about ASTSWMO’s organization including our mission, membership, and activities? What about the mission and goals of the Tanks Subcommittee? This webinar provides an introduction to the Association – our structure what we do, who… ... Read More


2021 ASTSWMO Annual Meeting Presentations (12/2/2021) - Presentations Opening Remarks Election Keynote Speakers & ASTSWMO Gives Back Lifetime Achievement Award Project Presentations from the ASTSWMO CERCLA Post Construction Focus Group Environmental Justice in CERCLA and Brownfields Joint Materials Management & Hazardous Waste Session: Emerging Wastes from Renewable… ... Read More
UST Open Bermed Containment Systems at Retail Fueling Facilities (11/15/2021) - This position paper addresses open bermed containment systems at commercial retail fuel facilities that are used to meet the spill prevention equipment requirements for underground storage tanks (USTs) outlined in 40 CFR 280.20(c), and replaces ASTSWMO’s July 2016 position on… ... Read More
2021 ASTSWMO Mid-Year Webinar Recordings (5/6/2021) - Presentations Welcome, Plenary, and Keynote What’s the Buzz in Materials Management? Materials Management Roundtable Containment Sumps Repairs Unintended Consequences of Petroleum Remediation State Revenues and Impacts to the Tanks Programs Planning for Resiliency and Sustainability of Remedies in a Changing… ... Read More
Tanks Subcommittee Comments on US EPA Proposed Rule for E15 Fuel Dispenser Labeling and Compatibility with USTs (4/16/2021) - Comments by the ASTSWMO Tanks Subcommittee regarding US EPA’s Proposed Rule for E15 Fuel Dispenser Labeling and Compatibility with Underground Storage Tanks (86 FR 5094) provided to EPA on April 15, 2021. ... Read More
EPA OUST Briefing on Proposed Rulemaking – E15 and Compatibility with USTs (2/17/2021) - View Presentation On January 19, 2021, EPA published a proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register to modify E15 dispenser labels and revise UST system compatibility requirements. A summary of the proposal and links to the notice and Federal Register are… ... Read More


2020 ASTSWMO Annual Webinar Recordings (11/16/2020) - Presentations Welcome and Opening Remarks Keynote Federal Real Property Transfer & Disposal Protecting Your Tanks Program: From Cost Evaluation to Fraud Prevention CERCLA & Brownfields: Emergency Preparedness UST System Inspections During the COVID-19 Pandemic CERCLA, Brownfields and Federal Facilities: Public… ... Read More
EPA’s UST Finder: National UST and Releases Web Map – Webinar (10/20/2020) - View Presentation The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with ASTSWMO, developed UST Finder, a flexible web map application containing a comprehensive, state-sourced national map of underground storage tank (UST) and leaking UST (LUST) data. Using publicly available information,… ... Read More
New Page: State Programs Addressing Abandoned Underground Storage Tanks (6/5/2020) - Several States have developed programs to safely remove these tanks and discover whether contamination has occurred. The State Fund-Financial Responsibility Task Force compiled these information sheets from State programs to highlight their efforts and to provide examples for other States… ... Read More
ASTSWMO Statement on ASTM E3225-20 and Testing of Spill Prevention Equipment and Containment SUMPs Requirements in 40 CFR – 280.35 (5/4/2020) - In March 2020, ASTM released E3225-20, Standard Practice for Performing a Liquid Test of Spill Prevention Equipment and Containment Sumps Used for Interstitial Monitoring of Piping by Visual Examination. ASTM E3225-20 provides a practice for inspection of spill prevention equipment… ... Read More
COVID-19 Impact to State UST Cleanup Funds (5/4/2020) - In efforts to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, many states across the US issued “Stay at Home” orders and other travel restrictions. As a result, demand for transportation fuels declined significantly in March and… ... Read More
Webinar – Sources and Causes of UST Releases (4/23/2020) - View Presentation The focus of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 was leak prevention and included a provision for States to annually report the sources and causes of UST releases. The average percentage of unknown release sources was approximately 40%… ... Read More


EPA National Database for UST and LUST – Webinar (10/17/2019) - Working with State partners, EPA has developed the first comprehensive national database on underground storage tank facilities, underground storage tanks, and leaking underground storage tanks. This data, including geospatial data, will assist States and stakeholders in identifying facilities that may… ... Read More
UST Insurance Brochure (9/26/2019) - This Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials created the UST Insurance Brochure to provide some basic information that will help in the selection and evaluation of private underground storage tank (UST) insurance. It was specifically designed as… ... Read More
UST Financial Responsibility Insurance Submittal Checklist for Regulators (9/26/2019) - The State Fund-Financial Responsibility (SF-FR) Task Force created the UST Financial Responsibility Insurance Submittal Checklist to assist States in their evaluation of policies submitted by UST owners/operators for FR compliance. This checklist offers easy to follow yes/no questions and a… ... Read More
State Funds Survey Results 2018 (7/23/2019) - Summary Table 1: Design Characteristics of State Financial Assurance Funds 2018 Table 2: Funding for State Financial Assurance Funds 2018 Table 3: Level of Activity in State Financial Assurance Funds 2018 Table 4: Cost Control Measures/State Fund Updates 2018 ... Read More
ASTSWMO Tanks Subcommittee sends comments to E-15 Waiver (5/30/2019) - The EPA Proposed Rule would modify fuel regulations to allow year-round sales of gasoline blended with up to 15 percent ethanol. ... Read More


New and Updated UST Compliance Performance Measures Webinar (8/8/2018) - EPA OUST and ASTSWMO Tanks Subcommittee members share information on new Technical Compliance Rate (TCR) Performance Measures issued in response to the 2015 revised federal UST regulations. Additional information available here. ... Read More
Ability to Pay Policy Template and Forms (2/9/2018) - This document provides a general policy for ability to pay settlements in which an entity’s financial ability to pay is a significant consideration. An ability to pay settlement allows a business or an individual to settle the State’s environmental liability… ... Read More


Summary of State Programs and Data on Abandoned Underground Storage Tanks and Facilities (12/11/2017) - From 2016-2017, the ASTSWMO State Fund-Financial Responsibility Task Force requested information about abandoned USTs and facilities from all State UST programs, and received responses from 31 States. This report summarizes and compiles the responses received, which includes information on how… ... Read More
Summary of State Fund Demands and Recoveries (8/29/2017) - The ASTSWMO State Fund-FR Task Force compiled the attached spreadsheet and documentation that describe demands and recoveries against UST owners and operators concerning “double dipping.” Double dipping refers to monetary settlements reached by owners and operators with their insurers for… ... Read More
Emerging Fuels Webpage (7/28/2017) - This webpage provides resources developed by the ASTSWMO Emerging Fuels Task Force and others to assist State UST programs. ... Read More


These publications have been archived due to our Sunset Policy


UST – State Fund Cost Control Resources Webpage (2/28/2017) - The State Fund-FR Task Force developed this webpage to provide cost control documents, schedules, and other resources that have been provided to ASTSWMO by State programs. These resources provide valuable information for States looking to research cost controls employed by… ... Read More
Guidance for Understanding Petroleum Storage Tank Bankruptcy (1/29/2017) - The State Fund-Financial Responsibility Task Force developed this guidance to encourage dialogue between regulators and their legal counsel when regulated facilities are subject to bankruptcy proceedings. This is an introduction to legal terms and concepts related to bankruptcy to facilitate… ... Read More
Redevelopment Successes at Petroleum Underground Storage Tanks Sites Webpage (1/29/2017) - Through the years, State programs have evolved to assist our community leaders and developers in decision-making processes related to redevelopment of LUST sites. The LUST Task Force developed this webpage to present information on redevelopment stories that have occurred in… ... Read More
Annual State Fund Survey Archives (1/17/2017) - The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, in partnership with ASTSWMO, conducts a survey of all State Financial Assurance Fund programs and provides results on their design characteristics, funding, and fund activity each year. Archived summaries and tables from previous years… ... Read More


UST Common Compliance Violations Reports (9/17/2016) - The UST Task Force solicited information from all States in an effort to determine which violations are most often encountered during UST compliance inspections and other verification activities. The intent of this report is to provide a national perspective with… ... Read More
ASTSWMO Policy Position on UST Open Bermed Containment Systems (7/17/2016) - This paper has been replaced by the document located here. This position paper addresses open bermed containment systems that are used to meet the spill prevention equipment requirements for underground storage tanks (USTs) outlined in 40 CFR 280.20(c). Bermed containment… ... Read More
Compatibility Considerations for Underground Storage Tank Systems (5/17/2016) - The Emerging Fuels Task Force developed this report as an update and replacement to the 2013 ASTSWMO Alternative Fuels Workgroup’s Compatibility of UST Systems with Biofuels report. This document serves as a resource for State and Territorial underground storage tank… ... Read More


Revising Underground Storage Tank Regulations – Revisions to Existing Requirements and New Requirements for Secondary Containment and Operator Training; Final Rule (11/17/2015) - This webpage provides resources and updates about the 2015 revisions to the federal UST regulations, including links to regulations, summary of changes, SPA requirements, and revised guidance documents as they are updated. Comments ... Read More
An Analysis of UST System Infrastructure in Select States (10/17/2015) - In 2014, ASTSWMO formed the Aging Tanks Workgroup to examine issues related to aging UST systems and the potential impacts to owners, operators, and State UST programs. The Workgroup’s objective was to analyze whether aging UST infrastructure poses a higher… ... Read More
State Approaches to Managing Institutional Controls and Ensuring Long-Term Protectiveness at LUST Sites (5/15/2015) - The document is the result of recent discussions at ASTSWMO meetings and an information request sent to all States, Territories, and the District of Columbia (States) that focused on how State tanks programs manage institutional controls and ensure long-term protectiveness… ... Read More


Lead Scavengers Survey Report (8/17/2014) - In 2013, the Tanks Subcommittee's LUST Task Force requested information from all States and Territories to determine what activites the tanks programs are taking to identify and remediate the lead scavengers 1,2-dibromoethane (EDB) and 1,2-dichloroethane (1,2 DCA). Thirty-five States responded… ... Read More
Lust Trust Fund Fact Sheet 2014 (8/17/2014) - The Tanks Subcommittee developed the fact sheet to summarize information, guidance, and budget information specific to the LUST Trust Fund. The Trust Fund provides federal funding to support the U.S. EPA's, States', Territories, and Tribal LUST prevention and response programs.… ... Read More
Compendium of Emergency Response Actions at Underground Storage Tank Sites – Version 2 (7/17/2014) - The LUST Task Force developed this compendium to present information on emergency response actions that have occurred in States across the country. UST programs across the country require reporting, initial abatement measures, and free product removal activities to occur immediately… ... Read More
Development and Implementation of State Tanks Core Programs (6/17/2014) - The Tanks Subcommittee and the Core Report Workgroup developed this document to provide a detailed picture on the costs of operating and maintaining the State underground storage tank programs. ASTSWMO requested that all States provide data on the dollars spent… ... Read More


LUST Task Force and Tanks Subcommittee Comments on the Draft U.S. EPA “Guidance for Addressing Petroleum Vapor Intrusion at Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites” (6/17/2013) - The Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) Tanks Subcommittee, through the Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Task Force, is providing the following comments to the April 2013 draft guidance titled, “Guidance for Addressing Petroleum Vapor Intrusion… ... Read More


Guide to Tank Insurance (10/17/2012) - If you own or operate a UST, you must show that you have the financial resources to clean up a site if a release from your tank occurs and to pay compensation to third parties for damage to their property… ... Read More
Operator Training Resource Guide and Spreadsheet (3/17/2012) - The ASTSWMO UST Task Force has developed the Operator Training Resource Guide as an information tool for States and Territories, as well as operators. It contains core information on each State UST operator training program such as the method States… ... Read More


List of State and Territorial UST Regulations (10/17/2010) - This compendium contains electronic web links to all of the 50 States, 1 Territory, and the District of Columbia UST Regulations. ... Read More
LUST TF Green Remediation Fact Sheet (8/17/2010) - This fact sheet is intended to be used by State and Territorial regulators who oversee the investigation and cleanup of petroleum releases at LUST sites and summarizes background information on green remediation techniques applied at the retail gasoline station scale. ... Read More
LUST Task Force Petroleum Vapor Intrusion Status Report (1/17/2010) - This Status Report was developed for State and Territorial regulators who oversee the investigation and cleanup of petroleum products that have leaked from underground storage tanks and summarizes background information on petroleum vapor intrusion (PVI), identifies problems and needs, and… ... Read More