Difficult-to-Manage Materials Survey Report

The ASTSWMO Sustainable Materials Management Task Force has produced the Difficult-to-Manage Materials Survey Report based on input received from 39 States and Territories (States). The Task Force launched the survey in June 2023 to pinpoint products and materials that are of concern or causing issues in waste and recycling programs and to identify associated trends among States. For the purposes of the survey, “difficult-to-manage” was defined as an item that has reached the end of its useful life that presents difficulties to the public, State or local government, or the waste and recycling industry because of a lack of viable end markets, inherent difficulties in handling the material, a lack of collection or recovery infrastructure, or any combination thereof. The report presents the findings of the survey in which States were asked to identify their top 5 difficult-to-manage materials and how the State is currently addressing them; challenges/problems as well as existing opportunities regarding the materials identified; and what States would find helpful in managing the materials.

UST Common Compliance Violations Reports

The UST Task Force solicited information from all States in an effort to determine which violations are most often encountered during UST compliance inspections and other verification activities. The intent of this report is to provide a national perspective with regard to which UST violations are discovered in greatest frequency and may require additional attention. The data could impact where States allocate resources and how they perform onsite UST inspections, where the regulated community can best allocate their resources to improve compliance, and future decisions regarding the long-term direction of State and federal programs. The UST Task Force plans to update these reports on a biennial basis to identify any trends across the UST programs. UST Common Compliance Violations Report – FY 2018 UST Common Compliance Violations Report – FY 2014 UST Common Compliance Violations Report – FY 2012

Beneficial Use of Drill Cuttings, Produced Water and Fluids in the U.S.

The Beneficial Use Task Force developed this report as a supplement to their March 2015 Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Waste Management Survey Report. In the 2015 Survey Report, the Task Force recommended further exploration of how exploration and production (E&P) waste streams are currently beneficially used in various States, and whether information on current uses may support increased beneficial use of particular E&P wastes, or may point to any limitations for beneficial use. This Supplemental Report summarizes the Task Force’s efforts to implement this recommendation, focusing on the beneficial use of three waste streams identified in the 2015 report as “high-volume” waste streams: Drill Cuttings, Produced Water and Water-Based Drilling Fluid/Mud. The information in the Supplemental Report was gathered between February and June 2016.