Brownfields Focus Group Facts Sheet

ASTSWMO’s Brownfields Focus Group developed six fact sheets that relate to certain Brownfields topics. These topics are Phase I Assessments and All Appropriate Inquiry, Phase II Assessments, Abandoned Structures, Risk-Based Decision Making for Property Cleanup, Vapor Intrusion, and Community Involvement.

AAI Facts Sheet

Abandoned Structures Facts Sheet

Community Involvement Facts Sheet

Phase II ESAs Facts Sheet

Risk Based Cleanups Facts Sheet

VI Facts Sheet

Toolbox for Community Redevelopment

The ASTSWMO Brownfields Focus Group has updated the toolbox that was produced by the Focus Group in 2007. This toolbox reflects on new procedures, information and resources in community redevelopment, and it will help communities redevelop brownfield properties, and provide the basics needed to navigate the redevelopment process and access resources to assist with revitalization efforts. The PDF version of the toolbox is ready to use as is and the Word version is provided to programs so that they may tailor the toolbox to program needs. Toolbox (PDF) Toolbox (WORD)

Phase II Report

The Association’s Site Evaluation Focus Group developed this Phase 2 report to highlight the beneficial outcomes not traditionally captured (e.g., State site cleanups that result from the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) Site Assessment Program, commonly known as the Superfund Site Assessment (SA) Program). This report shows that funds spent on Superfund site assessments result in benefits that go beyond National Priorities List (NPL) listing and that the overall success of the Superfund program should not be measured solely by the number of NPL listings or cleanups.