Superfund State Contracts- A Reference for States and Territories: How to Get the Most Out of Your Superfund State Contract

The ASTSWMO Remedial Action Focus Group developed this report to assist States with the preparation, negotiation, and implementation of their Superfund State Contracts. This document is intended to help States recognize and understand these decision points and provide some implementation strategies to assist with the successful site cleanup. The paper describes statement of work, funding, State assurances, institutional controls, and more.

Post Removals Site Controls: Ensuring the Long-Term Integrity of Removal Actions

The Removals Focus Group developed this report as an update to their 2010 report “Transition Issues Analysis”. One area that needed additional review was Post Removals Site Controls (PRSCs). Timely input from the State is needed throughout the removal decision making process. The document includes Institutional, Proprietary and Government Controls, as well as zoning, groundwater use restrictions, fish consumption advisories, and more.

Transition Issues Analysis

The purpose of the research was to gather information on issues relating to the transition of removal sites to and from the State and federal programs. The purpose was also to identify approaches, concerns, strengths and weaknesses related to these transitions. Transition Issues Analysis Paper Emergency Response Matrix Non-TCRA Matrix TCRA Matrix Removal Action Process Timeline Schematic

State Conceptual Framework to Estimate Associated Cost

Building upon previously funded EPA research conducted by the Environmental Law Institute, the ASTSWMO Long-Term Stewardship Focus Group chose to develop an institutional controls costing tool that represents a State perspective, especially for those States currently in the development or implementation stage of a State LTS program. Rather than focusing narrowly on site-specific IC costs, the Focus Group conducted a broad evaluation of all of the costs associated with LTS. From this analysis, the Focus Group has developed a spreadsheet tool to assist States in establishing or enhancing an existing ICs or LTS program and determining the costs associated with those activities. State Conceptual Framework to Estimate Associated Cost Costing Observations State IC Tool