2023 ASTSWMO Hazardous Waste Management Program Implementation Costs Report

At the request of the ASTSWMO Board of Directors, the Hazardous Waste Funding Workgroup within the Hazardous Waste Subcommittee has prepared this Hazardous Waste Management Program Implementation Costs report. State and Tribal Assistance Grant (STAG) funding is provided by EPA to the 48 authorized States, Washington, DC, and Guam. This report reflects cost data received in the form of survey responses from all 50 authorized hazardous waste programs.

ASTSWMO Position Paper on Increased 128(a) Funding

The ASTSWMO Board of Directors, in April 2023, approved the Position Paper supporting a permanent increase in the standard 128(a) Congressional appropriation. The paper acknowledges that the permanent increase of funding will ensure that State brownfields programs are able to provide the critical support necessary for a robust national brownfields program.

ASTSWMO Letter to Federal Funding for the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Programs

Description: In this letter, the Association of States and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) respectfully requests that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks (EPA OUST) address the decline in federal funding to State and Territorial (State) underground storage tank (UST) programs. The funding provided currently does not meet the necessary level for the effective implementation of. State UST programs. Since fiscal year (FY) 2013, the overall level of extramural funding for the UST release prevention and cleanup programs has decreased with no adjustment for the increase in regulatory requirements or inflation. A summary of these trends is provided in the letter.