Emerging Wastes from Renewable Energy Sources Fact Sheets

The Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (CME) Task Force within the ASTSWMO Hazardous Waste Subcommittee and the Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Task Force within the ASTSWMO Materials Management Subcommittee collaborated to produce a series of three fact sheets on emerging wastes from renewable energy sources: lithium-ion batteries with a focus on electric vehicle batteries; photovoltaic modules; and wind turbine blades. The fact sheets are intended to be living documents to be periodically updated with new information.

Brownfields Focus Group Facts Sheet

ASTSWMO’s Brownfields Focus Group developed six fact sheets that relate to certain Brownfields topics. These topics are Phase I Assessments and All Appropriate Inquiry, Phase II Assessments, Abandoned Structures, Risk-Based Decision Making for Property Cleanup, Vapor Intrusion, and Community Involvement.

AAI Facts Sheet

Abandoned Structures Facts Sheet

Community Involvement Facts Sheet

Phase II ESAs Facts Sheet

Risk Based Cleanups Facts Sheet

VI Facts Sheet

Lust Trust Fund Fact Sheet 2014

The Tanks Subcommittee developed the fact sheet to summarize information, guidance, and budget information specific to the LUST Trust Fund. The Trust Fund provides federal funding to support the U.S. EPA’s, States’, Territories, and Tribal LUST prevention and response programs. NOTE: A typo error in the original release stated that the LUST Trust Fund is financed by a “0.01 tax”. The LUST Trust Fund is financed by a 0.1 cent tax (10x $0.01). The Fact Sheet has been updated to correct this error.