Analysis of Superfund Site Assessment Program Cooperative Agreements with States: Benefits of Flexibility During Pre CERCLA Screening

In Benefits of Flexibility During Pre CERCLA Screening, this project relies upon feedback from States, EPA OSRTI data and case studies to examine the States’ use of Pre-CERCLA Screening Assessments and how they can be applied most effectively. This report focuses on the PCS process and the beneficial outcomes obtained by States through use of the PCS tool. This report furthers the work of the May 2014 research findings by focusing on States’ use of the PCS process. The goals of this report are to:
  • Obtain additional information about States’ use of PCSs and whether additional flexibility in use of federal funds during the PCS process would be beneficial;
  • Report on number of PCSs performed and their outcomes; and
  • Provide recommendations about the PCS process with supportive, illustrative case studies.

Sediment Remedy Effectiveness and Recontamination

The ASTSWMO Sediments Focus Group has produced this document that discusses causes and issues related to recontamination. Discussion topics include new contamination of sediment sites from both known sources and newly identified sources, including contamination from new chemicals or those not addressed in previous assessments, and identification of pollutants most commonly found in areas where recontamination has occurred. Also included are case studies at sediment remediation sites where inadequate source control and/or recontamination have been documented after remedy efforts have commenced.

Community Gardening Toolbox

The Toolbox is designed to assist States by providing a reference guide for State environmental staff on community gardening on brownfield sites. States are encouraged to personalize the toolbox by adding their own State-specific and other regulatory information to increase the documents applicability and usefulness. The final Toolbox is presented in Microsoft Word so States are able to reformat the document for their own specific needs. Community Gardening Toolbox  Appendix A: References Appendix B: Site Model

Superfund Site Assessment Program: Benefits Beyond NPL Listing

The Association’s Site Evaluation Focus Group developed this report to highlight the beneficial outcomes not traditionally captured, e.g., State site cleanups that result from the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) Site Assessment Program, commonly known as the Superfund Site Assessment (SA) Program.  This report shows that funds spent on Superfund site assessments result in benefits that go beyond National Priorities List (NPL) listing and that the overall success of the Superfund program should not be measured solely by the number of NPL listings or cleanups.