State Programs Addressing Abandoned Underground Storage Tanks

Underground storage tanks left abandoned in the ground have become an issue of concern to State programs over the years. Several States have developed programs to safely remove these tanks and discover whether contamination has occurred. The State Fund-Financial Responsibility Task Force compiled these information sheets from State programs to highlight their efforts and to provide examples for other States who wish to develop similar programs. The compendium also identifies States with programs in place to help fund closure of abandoned underground storage tanks.   In an effort to be consistent with the 2017 ASTSWMO report, Summary of State Programs and Data on Abandoned Underground Storage Tanks and Facilities, the definition of abandoned tanks remains substantially the same. The term “abandoned tanks” is used to describe tanks that meet the following conditions: a) federally regulated tanks that remain in the ground and have not undergone proper closure; b) the presence of contamination around the tanks is unknown; and c) there is no person available to perform closure.   ASTSWMO is requesting that additional States who would like to be included provide an information sheets on their letterhead and include contact information for the department that oversees abandoned tanks. . A template for organizing a State information sheet is available here. States are also welcome to provide a link or other resources about your abandoned tanks program to ASTSWMO. Please email information sheets or any resources from your State for inclusion in this compendium to Charles Reyes, ASTSWMO staff.
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