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In the absence of national regulatory standards some States have developed regulatory and guidance advisory and cleanup levels for PFCs. In 2014-2015, the Remediation and Reuse Focus Group requested information from States in order to document current State regulations and guidance for PFCs, and to gather and compile State resources that may assist other States that may soon develop their own. Information provided by States and additional research conducted by the Focus Group on guidance and/or regulatory cleanup levels for PFOS and/or PFOA are provided here:

State Source
Illinois Illionis EPA, personal communication, October 8, 2013. Illinois uses Reference Doses derived by the State of Minnesota with the procedures of 35 IAC Part 742 to develop a suite of provisional soil remediation objectives for the Ingestion and Migration to Groundwater pathways.
Maine Maine DEP, personal communication, 2015

Michigan Michigan DEQ, personal communication, October 8, 2013.

Minnesota Minnesota Administrative Rule, Section 4717.7860, Health Risk Limits Table

New Hampshire
New Jersey
Nebraska NE DEQ, personal communication, 2015. Screening levels for some PFCs are provided in Voluntary Cleanup Program guidance.
North Carolina
Pennsylvania PA DEP, personal communication, 2015. Safe Drinking Water Program developed an action plan as a result of two ongoing cases where PFCs were discovered and treatment proposed.
Texas A. Strahl, personal communication, 2013