Peer Match Program

The ASTSWMO Board of Directors is now offering a handful of one-on-one information exchange opportunities for States and Territories (States) through our Peer Match Program. Peer matches provide the opportunity for State program staff to travel to another State to learn more about how that State administers certain components of a program (e.g., field compliance inspections, financial responsibility programs, inspections, enforcement, etc.). The peer match trip usually lasts 1 – 2.5 days, and ASTSWMO reimburses the traveling State participant for expenses incurred up to a cap of $1,400. As the recipient of the funding, trip reports must be submitted to ASTSWMO from the traveling State participant. If interested in participating in a peer match, please contact the appropriate ASTSWMO staff. Download the application here. Kerry Callahan: Hazardous Waste and Materials Management Sam Puffenbarger: Brownfields and Superfund Max Burrows: Federal Facilities Gina Miranda: Tanks