Materials Management


The mission of the Materials Management Subcommittee is to enhance and promote the development of effective State and Territorial materials management programs that incorporate product stewardship, source reduction, beneficial use, recycling, conversion technology and land disposal.


Beneficial Use Task Force

Chair: Charles Bock (MS)

The mission of the Beneficial Use TF is to identify and inform States of information, successful practices and procedures which can be used to make beneficial use determinations (BUDs) that are protective of human health and the environment. To transfer the best available technical and administrative information to States developing or improving beneficial use work in solid waste and waste minimization programs.


Sustainable Materials Management Task Force

Chair: James Jennings (IL)

The mission of the ASTSWMO Sustainable Materials Management TF is to provide leadership and promote actions that reduce waste, conserve resources, prevent pollution, and foster sustainability through identifying recycling opportunities and partnerships and through the development and implementation of educational programs about recycling.


Solid Waste Disposal and Conversion Task Force

Chair: Jody Weikart (WY)

The goal of the Solid Waste Disposal and Conversion TF is to assist State and Territorial solid waste management programs by: 1) providing program development information and support for State and Territorial waste program managers and staff and 2) providing input to EPA and other interested parties on their proposed priorities and initiatives for municipal solid waste landfill programs.


Radiation Task Force

Chair: Elizabeth McCaskill (OK)

The mission of the Radiation TF is to identify national level radiation issues, coordinate State input, encourage improved partnership between State and federal agencies; and produce issue papers and other products as necessary to promote State interests on national radiation issues.