Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2002, ASTSWMO instituted the ASTSWMO Lifetime Achievement Award, to recognize an outstanding individual who has worked in State government in the areas of solid and hazardous waste management, sustainability/materials management, underground storage tanks, or contaminated site clean-up. The purpose of the award is to recognize work done on behalf of the States and in furtherance of ASTSWMO’s mission to enhance and promote effective State and Territorial programs for waste and materials management, to encourage environmentally sustainable practices, and to affect relevant national waste and materials management policies. The annual solicitation of nominations is posted on the ASTSWMO homepage each spring. The award is presented at the ASTSWMO Annual Meeting.


ASTSWMO, will recognize an outstanding individual who has worked (retired) in State or Territorial (State) government in the areas of waste and materials management, environmentally sustainable practices, and environmental restoration. The purpose of the award is two-fold: to recognize an outstanding individual for effort and service to the States, and advancement of our programs; and to promote the overall efforts of all State employees dedicated to the protection of public health, safety and the environment and the improvement of social-economic conditions related to waste management and contaminated site clean-ups.


The following criteria will be considered when selecting the annual recipient in comparison to all the nominees: Past member or staff of the Association. ➢ Leadership service – e.g. served as an Executive Officer, Regional Board Representative, Subcommittee Chair, Task Force/Focus Group Chair or other leadership responsibility assigned by the Board of Directors. ➢ Participant Service – served as an active member of a Task Force/Focus Group. ➢ Length of service in position of participation and/or leadership. ➢ High profile assignments, e.g. Congressional Testimony. ➢ Efforts to promote more State participation in the Association. ➢ Relationship and record with working productively with EPA, DOD or other federal agencies to promote strong State approaches and effective partnership with the federal government. ➢ Relationship and record with other media groups, e.g. NGA, ECOS, NACAA, ACWA, ASDWA etc. ➢ Relationship and record with working with and assisting other States.

Nomination and Selection Process

The criteria will be distributed to every State Voting member and nominations would be solicited from all members. The written and detailed nominations must be returned to the Executive Director who will consolidate the list and provide it to the ASTSWMO Board of Directors. o Include a written summary of the nominee’s achievements; years of service with ASTSWMO – leadership and membership; significant achievements; and other information that supports the nomination. o Nominations may be submitted jointly by more than one person. At the summer meeting the ASTSWMO Board will select the award recipient. ➢ If a recipient is selected, they would be honored at the fall ASTSWMO Annual Meeting. Dania Rodriguez Executive Director ASTSWMO 1101 17th Street, NW Suite 707 Washington, DC 20036 E-mail:

Past ASTSWMO Lifetime Achievement Recipients:

2023: Michael Forbeck (PA) 2022: Kenneth Kloo (NJ) 2021: Gerald Hardy (AL) 2020: Clarence Smith (IL) 2019: Jeff Deckler (CO) 2018: Jennifer Roberts (AK) 2017: Stephen G. Reuter (NM) 2016: John Regan (NH) 2013: Stan Phillippe (CA) 2012: Gary King (IL) 2011: Jennifer Kaduck (GA) 2010: Jeff Edson (CO) 2009: Richard Swanson (GA) 2008: Mark Giesfeldt (WI) 2007: Tom Kennedy (ASTSWMO) 2006: Barbara Simcoe (ASTSWMO) 2005: Bill Child (IL) 2004: Hector Mendieta (TX) 2003: John Taylor (GA) 2002: Norman Nosenchuck (NY)