Hazardous Waste


The Hazardous Waste Subcommittee is comprised of three Task Forces which discuss policy and technical aspects of the RCRA hazardous waste program, research specific program elements of interest to States, develop positions or recommendations, and provide expert comment on issues arising from the implementation of the RCRA program at the State level. Specific work activities focus on the areas of corrective action, permitting, compliance monitoring, enforcement and information management.


Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Task Force

Chair: Kristine Figur (CO)

The mission of the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement TF is to establish cooperative partnerships between the States, U.S. EPA headquarters and regions which promote consistent, effective and efficient hazardous waste enforcement and compliance assurance approaches nationwide; recognize and accommodate the perspectives of individual States; enhance State capabilities; and have compliance as an objective.


Corrective Action and Permitting Task Force

Chair: Ashby Scott (VA)

The mission of the Corrective Action and Permitting TF is to coordinate State efforts in working with U.S. EPA to develop and implement comprehensive, manageable and efficient hazardous waste corrective action, closure and permitting regulations, procedures, policies, guidance and performance measures that ensure protection of human health and the environment.


Program Development and Data Task Force

Chair: Michael Hurley (MA)

The mission of the Program Development and Data TF is to:

  • establish effective partnerships between the States and U.S. EPA to continue to improve a national hazardous waste information management system and procedures to be implemented to ensure the system functions effectively for the States, U.S. EPA, and the regulated user community
  • improve implementation of the national hazardous waste program by working collaboratively with States and U.S. EPA to identify opportunities for program improvement relative to changes in hazardous waste regulations, policies, guidance, training, and authorization.