Governance & Membership Policies


Click here to view our By-Laws which were approved by the voting members at the 2013 Annual Meeting on October 26, 2023. These by-laws are the Association’s governing document, which state the rules and procedures for electing officers, appointing regional representatives on the Board of Directors; and how meetings are conducted. See the list below for the ASTSWMO Financial Forms (990 Documents).

ASTSWMO 990 Forms

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Membership Policies

At ASTSWMO, we are committed to fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in every facet of our organization. We recognize that a diverse and inclusive membership drives innovation, creativity, and better decision-making. Through our strategic plan, Board of Directors, and all our groups, ASTSWMO aims to create a welcoming and equitable environment for all individuals.

Strategic Plan

ASTSWMO has developed a new strategic plan every three to five years and this 2020-2025 Strategic Plan is ASTSWMO’s sixth strategic plan. Since 2001, Strategic Plans have focused explicitly on actions to be undertaken by the Board and Subcommittees that will support the Association’s mission. Priority goals, desired outcomes, and implementation mechanisms have varied over the years.

The 2020-2025 Strategic Plan is organized around three main goals:

  • Provide assistance to the membership.
  • Enhance and cultivate partnerships.
  • Work towards a long-term sustainable organization.
To achieve our goals, ASTSWMO will continue to expand its role as a convener of dialogue, strengthen its national policy voice, and support initiatives and innovations relative to our mission. In the process, ASTSWMO will actively explore strategic partnerships where appropriate and will communicate effectively on complex issues in a manner that contributes to public understanding and facilitates transferability of program practices among States.

To read the full Strategic Plan click here