Get Involved and Become an Active Member

Why Get Involved?

The work of ASTSWMO is carried out by hardworking, dedicated State and Territorial (State) members who volunteer in various roles within the Association. These roles include the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, Subcommittees, Task Forces/Focus Groups (TF/FG), and Workgroups. The Association strongly encourages State member participation at all levels within the organization.

Who is an Active Member:

Member roles and responsibilities within the Association are described in our Members in Action Guidance Document. The purpose of the Members-in-Action document is to describe member roles and responsibilities and provide an opportunity for every State in each Region to participate in one of the program specific TF/FG. The guidance reflects how we operate as an Association and highlights the important role that each volunteer fills in participating at various levels of the Association.

Where to Join:

ASTSWMO has five Subcommittees and each are described in detail on our website:

CERCLA and Brownfields Subcommittee

Federal Facilities Subcommittee

Hazardous Waste Subcommittee

Materials Management Subcommittee

Tanks Subcommittee

How to Join:

In addition to highlighting the Subcommittee’s mission and TF/FG descriptions, each Subcommittee’s webpage includes a program roster that shows each regional member on the TF/FG. The date for each member signifies the end of their three-year term. If interested in becoming a member on one of the Subcommittees, please complete the form below and ASTSWMO staff will contact you when openings occur in your Region.

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