Federal Facilities


The mission of the Federal Facilities Research Center is to promote and enhance State and Territory involvement in the cleanup and reuse of contaminated federal facilities and to facilitate information exchange by and between States, Territories, and federal agencies. This includes identifying and researching emerging issues related to State and federal cleanup programs at federal facilities; producing and disseminating resource documents, tools, and policy positions; reviewing and commenting on federal regulation and policy development; and working with EPA, DoD, and other federal agencies on variety of federal facilities issues and forums.


Remediation and Reuse Focus Group

Chair: Brian Jankauskas (NY)

The mission of the Remediation and Reuse FG is to identify and investigate issues arising from the remediation, reuse, and long-term management of federal facilities. This includes researching and developing resource documents, issue papers, and other tools on the implementation of alternative or innovative remediation policies and strategies; site closeout and transfer; reuse and redevelopment of federal facilities; and long-term stewardship.


State Federal Coordination Focus Group

Chair: Kyle Newman (VA)

The mission of the State Federal Coordination FG is to promote and enhance communication, policy development, and program implementation by and between States, Territories, and federal partners related to federal facilities restoration. This includes identifying and investigating national policy and programmatic issues; developing policy positions, guidance documents, fact sheets and other tools; and facilitating and strengthening communication with State and federal partners.