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Federal Facilities Dispute Resolution Fact Sheet (4/10/2024) - Dispute resolution (DR) is a process used to resolve disagreements between parties, which can be either a formal or informal process. The three most common types of dispute resolution are arbitration, mediation and negotiation. ... Read More
Risk Management Methodology (RMM) State-EPA Training (4/8/2024) - ASTSWMO-EPA Webinar on conducting baseline risk assessments on munitions response sites using the Department of Defense’s Risk Management Methodology (RMM). During this training State and EPA regulators will review the unique challenges of munitions response, examine the RMM model framework,… ... Read More
2024 ASTSWMO Geophysical Webinar (2/9/2024) - Are you interested in learning more about how military contractors find and clear unexploded ordnance (UXO) from former live-fire ranges? Would you like to learn more about the latest technologies being used to detect munitions and explosives of concern (MEC)… ... Read More


ASTSWMO Webinar on RCRA-CERCLA Integration (12/19/2023) - ASTSWMO’s State Federal Coordination Focus Group hosted a webinar on CERCLA/RCRA integration at federal facilities. This webinar is a two-hour session which aims to build upon the current CERCLA/RCRA integration course offered by the EPA on CLU-IN. The webinar is… ... Read More
Identifying and Considering ARARs at Federal Facility Cleanups (4/4/2023) - The Federal Facilities Subcommittee’s Remediation & Reuse Focus Group developed this paper to address the ASTSWMO members’ concerns with the identification of and federal agency acceptance of State applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements (ARARs) in CERCLA federal facility cleanups.… ... Read More


2022 ASTSWMO Position on Performance-Based Contracting at Federal Facilities (2/17/2022) - Performance-based contracting (PBC) is frequently used for implementing environmental cleanup work at federal facilities under the Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP). The Federal Facilities Subcommittee drafted the position paper to identify challenges States continue to face and provides ASTSWMO positions… ... Read More
2022 ASTSWMO Position on Advanced Geophysical Classification for Munitions Response (2/17/2022) - The Department of Defense (DoD) developed the advanced geophysical classification (AGC) for munitions response to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of munitions cleanup. This position paper summarizes the development and implementation of the AGC technology, outreach, training, and guidance activities,… ... Read More


2021 ASTSWMO Annual Meeting Presentations (12/2/2021) - Presentations Opening Remarks Election Keynote Speakers & ASTSWMO Gives Back Lifetime Achievement Award Project Presentations from the ASTSWMO CERCLA Post Construction Focus Group Environmental Justice in CERCLA and Brownfields Joint Materials Management & Hazardous Waste Session: Emerging Wastes from Renewable… ... Read More
State Coordination with Civilian Federal Agencies (11/17/2021) - ASTSWMO’s Remediation & Reuse Focus Group examined State involvement in response actions taken at federal facility cleanups by civilian federal agencies (CFAs) under the authority of Executive Order 12580. CFAs include any federal government agency except for the Department of… ... Read More
2021 ASTSWMO Mid-Year Webinar Recordings (5/6/2021) - Presentations Welcome, Plenary, and Keynote What’s the Buzz in Materials Management? Materials Management Roundtable Containment Sumps Repairs Unintended Consequences of Petroleum Remediation State Revenues and Impacts to the Tanks Programs Planning for Resiliency and Sustainability of Remedies in a Changing… ... Read More


2020 ASTSWMO Annual Webinar Recordings (11/16/2020) - Presentations Welcome and Opening Remarks Keynote Federal Real Property Transfer & Disposal Protecting Your Tanks Program: From Cost Evaluation to Fraud Prevention CERCLA & Brownfields: Emergency Preparedness UST System Inspections During the COVID-19 Pandemic CERCLA, Brownfields and Federal Facilities: Public… ... Read More
Webinar – Federal Real Property Transfer & Disposal (10/23/2020) - View Presentation View Handout Federal landholding agencies are required to comply with several environmental laws, regulations, and executive orders applicable to the acceptance and disposal of federal real property. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Real Property Utilization… ... Read More
Using Technology to Tell a Story – Webinar (5/22/2020) - View Presentation In today’s age it is important to show our project successes and use technology and visual displays to help demonstrate the great work. This joint webinar from the CERCLA and Brownfields Subcommittee and the Federal Facilities Subcommittee will… ... Read More
Federal Facilities Issues Paper – May 2020 (5/11/2020) - ASTSWMO members identified a number of issues in this paper that are current priorities for State federal facility programs. For each of the issues, ASTSWMO briefly summarizes the issues, describes current challenges identified by our membership, and offers recommendations for… ... Read More


These publications have been archived due to our Sunset Policy


State Involvement in Five-Year Reviews at Federal Facilities (7/18/2018) - The goal of the five-year review is to evaluate the implementation and performance of the selected remedy and to ensure that the remedy chosen for a site remains protective of human health and the environment. As more federal facility cleanups… ... Read More


Ensuring Environmental Protection of Closed Federal Facility Sites (4/15/2017) - ASTSWMO conducted this study to identify mechanisms for evaluating ongoing protectiveness at federal facility sites that have achieved site closeout that allows for unlimited use/unrestricted exposure (UU/UE). This category of sites may present challenges for evaluating their continuing protectiveness as… ... Read More
ASTSWMO Position Paper on Performance-Based Contracting at Federal Facilities (3/17/2017) - This paper has been replaced by the document located here. Performance-based contracting (PBC) is frequently used for implementing environmental cleanup work at federal facilities under the Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP). The Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management… ... Read More


Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs): PFOA & PFOS Information Paper (8/29/2015) - ASTSWMO prepared this paper to provide our members with information on perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), which are emerging contaminants of concern. This document focuses on two specific PFCs - perfluorooctanioc acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) - and contains introductory information… ... Read More
Uniform Environmental Covenants Act: Implementation at Federal Facilities (1/29/2015) - ASTSWMO developed this report to evaluate how the Uniform Environmental Covenants Act (UECA) is being used at federal facilities. This document provides an introduction to LUCs and the UECA; a summary of State-specific regulations and policies specific to UECA and… ... Read More


Community Involvement Resource Assessment of States and Territories (4/29/2014) - In 2012, the Community Involvement Focus Group requested information from all States and Territories in order to better understand and compile a record of State resources available, including financial and staffing, for conducting community involvement activities. The Focus Group sent… ... Read More


ASTSWMO Policy Position Paper on Federal Facilities (10/20/2013) - Environmental compliance and remediation at active, closed, and transferred federal facilities continues to be one of the most complex and controversial issues in State-federal relationships. The Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials (ASTSWMO) has consistently supported individual… ... Read More
Analysis of Interim Risk Management at Munitions Response Sites (6/29/2013) - This report provides an analysis of information received by States and the Department of Defense on interim risk management (IRM) controls and elements being implemented at munitions response sites nationwide. It provides recommendations to support the development of a national… ... Read More


TENORM Associated with Shale Gas Operations Information Sheet (7/29/2012) - The Radiation Focus Group developed this document to provide State and local regulatory managers with basic information on TENORM associated with shale gas operations, including hydraulic fracturing. ... Read More


TENORM Associated with Drinking Water Treatment Fact Sheet (5/15/2011) - The Radiation Focus Group developed this fact sheet to provide State and local regulatory managers and plant operators with basic information on TENORM associated with drinking water treatment systems. ... Read More
Incidental TENORM: A Guidance for State Solid Waste Managers (4/15/2011) - The ASTSWMO Radiation Focus Group developed this guidance to inform solid waste management and other officials about technologically-enhanced, naturally-occurring, radioactive materials (TENORM) concerns and management approaches.  TENORM contamination is typically the result of process operations involving the extraction, purification, filtration,… ... Read More
Perchlorate Policy Update (4/15/2011) - The ASTSWMO Emerging Issues Focus Group developed this Perchlorate Policy Update to provide information on State and Federal policies, guidance, and resources specific to assessing and remediating perchlorate while performing environmental cleanups. It is intended to serve as a source… ... Read More
Measuring Effectiveness of State Stakeholder Engagement and Partnering Efforts (4/14/2011) - Stakeholder engagement and partnering are strategic tools that improve environmental management and lead to increased support for processes and decisions. In order to improve State stakeholder engagement and partnering efforts and demonstrate return on investment, there is a need to… ... Read More
Tungsten Issues Papers (2/15/2011) - The ASTSWMO Policy and Technology Focus Group developed these papers to assess tungsten issues, and the inherent challenges and impacts of tungsten assessment and remediation on existing cleanup programs being implemented at federal facilities.   Version 2.0 is an update to… ... Read More
Green Remediation at Federal Facility Cleanups (1/15/2011) - The ASTSWMO Remediation and Reuse Focus Group developed this report to provide State Managers with a compendium of green remediation strategies being implemented at federal facility cleanups.  The report provides definitions, policies, guidance, and tools being used by federal agencies… ... Read More
Community Involvement Guidance for Munitions Response Sites (1/14/2011) - The ASTSWMO Community Involvement Focus Group developed this guidance to provide State and Federal community involvement coordinators and project managers with strategies for conducting effective community involvement activities at munitions response sites.  The guidance outlines the regulatory framework, roles, responsibilities,… ... Read More


State Perspectives on the Use of Performance-based Contracting at Federal Facilities Cleanups (8/15/2010) - The ASTSWMO State Federal Coordination Focus Group queried State Federal Facilities Managers to gather information on DoD’s use of performance-based contracting at federal facilities cleanups.  This report provides an analysis of the States’ responses and recommendations for improving the PBC… ... Read More
Policy Issues at FUDS – Frequently Asked State Questions (8/15/2010) - The ASTSWMO State Federal Coordination Focus Group developed this document in response to a number of issues of concern to States specific to the FUDS Program.  The comments and views in this document are from the viewpoints and experiences of… ... Read More
Final BRAC Guide (4/15/2010) - The ASTSWMO Base Closure Focus Group developed this Guide in October 2006 to identify changes to the BRAC process as outlined in DoD’s March 2006 Base Realignment and Redevelopment Manual and to assist State and Territories in working with DoD,… ... Read More