Electronic Tools for Hazardous Waste Inspections – Webinar

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ASTSWMO’s Hazardous Waste Subcommittee hosted the webinar, Electronic Tools for Hazardous Waste Inspections, on April 30, 2020. The webinar was originally planned as a session at the ASTSWMO Mid-Year Meeting. The webinar discussed: Arkansas’ experience field testing the EPA Smart Tools for RCRA Subtitle C Field Inspectors software and their decision to be an early adopter of Smart Tools; the connectivity between RCRAInfo and Smart Tools; and evaluations by Wisconsin and Colorado in updating and developing their State electronic tools, as well as demos of each State system. There will be time following the presentations for questions and information-sharing. Moderator: Mike Elster (GA), Chair, ASTSWMO Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Task Force Speakers: • Penny Wilson (AR) • Melissa Ferree (DE), Chair, ASTSWMO Program Information Management Task Force • Michael Ellenbecker (WI) • Amy Williams (CO)