CERCLA and Brownfields


The ASTSWMO CERCLA and Brownfields Research Center’s mission is to enhance and promote the development of flexible and effective State-run cleanup programs addressing releases of hazardous substances into the environment, including State-run Superfund programs under CERCLA, and State Response programs in their implementation of the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act. This includes research of specific program elements; the development of State position papers; commenting on federal regulation and policy development; and the development and dissemination of resource documents and tools to assist States in developing and enhancing their State Superfund and State Response/Brownfields programs. Research is overseen by the CERCLA and Brownfields Research Center Subcommittee and its programmatic Focus Groups, covering State Superfund programs, removal actions, long-term stewardship, State Response and Brownfields programs, site evaluation, and sediments.


Brownfields Focus Group

Chair: Carrie Geyer (MI)

The mission of the Brownfields FG is to promote the use and effectiveness, and recognize the diversity of, State Response and Brownfields programs, while providing research tools and training for State program development and enhancement.


Remedial Action Focus Group

Chair: Cherona Levy (GA)

The mission of the Remedial Action FG is to research issues associated with the remediation of hazardous substances at State and federal Superfund sites and the infrastructure development needs of these State programs. This mission includes providing States with the research tools, studies and training necessary to develop and enhance their programs, and to carry out their responsibilities in the federal Superfund program. The Focus Group actively evaluates the potential impacts and relevance to the States of Superfund program issues. The Focus Group works closely with EPA staff to identify priority issues and approaches to resolving those issues.


CERCLA Post Construction Focus Group

Chair: Jennifer Farrell (FL)

The mission of the CERCLA Post Construction FG is to promote facilitation and maintenance of reliable, effective, and protective remedies constructed at contaminated sites, to include identification of the resources necessary following remedy construction, and to communicate State program strategies effectively among interested parties.


Removals and Emergency Response Focus Group

Chair: Sheri Uhlenbruch (KY)

The mission of the Removals and Emergency Response Focus Group is to advocate for and support State removal action and hazardous substance emergency response programs. Their goal is to assist States as they conduct and coordinate emergency response activities and time critical and non-time critical removal actions so that they are performed with greater protectiveness of human health and the environment, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


Site Assessment Focus Group

Chair: Darryl Morgan (KS)

The mission of the Site Assessment Focus Group is to research, evaluate, and provide guidance for States’ federal Site Assessment Programs to facilitate effective assessment, prioritization, and risk communication at sites with actual or potential releases of hazardous substances, pollutants, and contaminants.


Investigation and Remedy Selection Focus Group

Chair: Dianna Kilburn (AR)

The mission for the Investigation and Remedy Selection Focus Group is to research issues associated with the investigation of hazardous substances and the remedy selection process at Superfund sites. The Investigation and Remedy Selection Focus Group will work on issues encountered during the Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study stages of Superfund cleanups.