Risk Management Methodology (RMM) State-EPA Training

ASTSWMO-EPA Webinar on conducting baseline risk assessments on munitions response sites using the Department of Defense’s Risk Management Methodology (RMM). During this training State and EPA regulators will review the unique challenges of munitions response, examine the RMM model framework, and present case studies on RMM implementation.

2024 ASTSWMO Geophysical Webinar

Are you interested in learning more about how military contractors find and clear unexploded ordnance (UXO) from former live-fire ranges? Would you like to learn more about the latest technologies being used to detect munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) and how data from those technologies are being used to streamline the process of identifying and clearing areas of concern? On Thursday, February 8th ASTSWMO and the Army Corps of Engineers will host a webinar on Geophysical Munition detection technologies. The training will be presented by Army Corps of Engineers subject matter expert John Jackson. This training will cover the framework, methodologies, and technology used to evaluate a munitions site and conduct a comprehensive cleanup. The training will also cover an overview of the DoD Advanced Geophysical Classification Accreditation Program (DAGCAP) and pertinent quality considerations that can affect projects. There will be a question-and-answer session at the end of the webinar which will include input from State regulators experienced in oversight of munitions response sites. If you have any current questions about the webinar, please submit them in the question box in the registration form. The webinar covers the following categories: • Geo 101 • QA/QC • DAGCAP • Lessons Learned/Standard Limitations Overcome • Underwater Scenarios • Q&A Section We look forward to your attendance and participation, thank you!

ASTSWMO Webinar on RCRA-CERCLA Integration

ASTSWMO’s State Federal Coordination Focus Group hosted a webinar on CERCLA/RCRA integration at federal facilities. This webinar is a two-hour session which aims to build upon the current CERCLA/RCRA integration course offered by the EPA on CLU-IN. The webinar is broken into four sections designed to educate Waste Management officials at varying levels of experience. The topics cover: – Creation RCRA & CERCLA – RCRA vs. CERCLA: Legal Framework Breakdown – State Perspective on RCRA/CERCLA Integration – Question and Answer Session

The following webinar presents EPA OECA’s position on RCRA/CERCLA Integration.

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ASTSWMO Webinar on Moving UST Sites To Closure

Greg Dunn (IL EPA), Tom Fox (CO DOPS), and Tom Schruben (US EPA OUST) will provide an overview of the ongoing work of the Moving Sites to Closure (MStC) Task Group, which is developing an ASTM standard of best practices for bringing petroleum UST release corrective actions to closure. They will discuss what we have learned in the process of cleaning up 500,000 UST releases, the results of the survey on State corrective action programs that ASTSWMO conducted last year, and some of the alternative closure criteria that are included in the draft MStC standard.


ASTSWMO Webinar on Agency Leadership Development

This training will provide first-hand knowledge of Virginia and West Virginia’s Leadership Training and how it benefited our speakers in their professional development. Our featured speakers are: • Kathry Persyzk, Director, VA DEQ Land Division and ASTSWMO Materials Management Subcommittee Chair • Casey Korbini, Deputy Director, WV DEP Restoration Programs and ASTSWMO Region 3 Board of Director Representative

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Employee Retention Strategies

This webinar will focus on the technical track developed by AZ DEQ for employees who want to pursue and develop their careers on the technical versus management perspective. Laura Malone, AZ DEQ, Waste Programs Division Director is our featured speaker. Laura will highlight the AZ DEQ’s ASK database which captures employees experience, knowledge and skills that can be used across the agency. AZ DEQ believes this helps to diversify their experience and assist with retention.


ADEQ Career Path Salaries ASTSWMO Retention Strategies Employee Retention Strategies QAndA Report Answers Engineer Classification Hydrogeologist Classification PDP SOP Science and Specialty Classification Technicians Classification

Webinar: Hiring, Retention and Succession Planning

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ASTSWMO’s members just like everyone else are navigating recent changes to the workforce and work environment. This webinar featured a Human Resources (HR) expert discussing the tools and trends that are available and how they can be implemented in your agencies for today, tomorrow and the long-term. Our presenter is Michelle D. Coussens, owner and operator of Plan B Consulting. Services span speaking, training, and organizational assistance in preparing strategic and business plans, project management, leadership, operational excellence, ethics, diversity and inclusion, and other related topics. To read Michelle’s full bio click here.

Webinar – ASTSWMO and Tanks Subcommittee 101

Are you interested in learning more about ASTSWMO’s organization including our mission, membership, and activities? What about the mission and goals of the Tanks Subcommittee? This webinar provides an introduction to the Association – our structure what we do, who we represent – and information about the Tanks Subcommittee including their membership, activities, and benefits of participating on an active Task Force.

2021 ASTSWMO Annual Meeting Presentations