Human Health Risk Assessment Screening Tool for Atypical Risk Exposure Scenarios

The Investigation and Remedy Selection Focus Group developed this assessment screening tool with the intention of helping regulators review risk assessments that do not fit typical residential or commercial/industrial scenarios. These atypical situations, selected with States feedback, include exposures from trespassing, recreating, or short-term work assignments, etc. This tool helps reviewers determine if the variables used are within reasonable ranges and what variables have the highest impact on the ultimate outcome of a risk assessment.

Sediment Remedy Effectiveness and Recontamination

The ASTSWMO Sediments Focus Group has produced this document that discusses causes and issues related to recontamination. Discussion topics include new contamination of sediment sites from both known sources and newly identified sources, including contamination from new chemicals or those not addressed in previous assessments, and identification of pollutants most commonly found in areas where recontamination has occurred. Also included are case studies at sediment remediation sites where inadequate source control and/or recontamination have been documented after remedy efforts have commenced.