Human Health Risk Assessment Screening Tool for Atypical Risk Exposure Scenarios

The Investigation and Remedy Selection Focus Group developed this assessment screening tool with the intention of helping regulators review risk assessments that do not fit typical residential or commercial/industrial scenarios. These atypical situations, selected with States feedback, include exposures from trespassing, recreating, or short-term work assignments, etc. This tool helps reviewers determine if the variables used are within reasonable ranges and what variables have the highest impact on the ultimate outcome of a risk assessment.

ASTSWMO Position Paper on Increased 128(a) Funding

The ASTSWMO Board of Directors, in April 2023, approved the Position Paper supporting a permanent increase in the standard 128(a) Congressional appropriation. The paper acknowledges that the permanent increase of funding will ensure that State brownfields programs are able to provide the critical support necessary for a robust national brownfields program.

Technical Assistance Resources to Support the Reuse of Brownfield Sites

The Brownfields Focus Group located in the CERCLA and Brownfields Subcommittee (CaBS) has produced a technical assistance resource document for the reuse of Brownfield sites. This document provides an overview of available technical assistance opportunities including a description of each opportunity, how to access/apply for the assistance, example deliverables, and contact information for additional information. The intended audience for this document includes State Brownfield Coordinators and staff.

2022 CERCLA & Brownfields Symposium Presentations


Best Practices to Ensure State Collaboration in Superfund

The ASTSWMO Remedial Action Focus Group has prepared this document as a resource for States as they coordinate with EPA on Superfund site characterization and cleanup. In an effort to draw upon the long history of coordination between States and EPA on activities at National Priority List sites, the Remedial Action Focus Group solicited feedback from States on their experiences to develop the Best Management Practices outlined in this document.

2021 ASTSWMO Annual Meeting Presentations