ASTSWMO Corrosion Observations Tool

ASTSWMO’s Emerging Fuels Task Force created this tool for the purpose of submitting information on UST system corrosion observed during inspections and removals in the field. It is well known that some new fuel formulations are associated with accelerated corrosion, clogged filters, and other side effects. As yet however, we do not have a complete understanding of how widespread these issues are, nor do we know if these issues are leading to increases in releases from UST systems. We hope UST regulators, inspectors, contractors, and owners will use this Corrosion Toolkit to report incidences of corrosion. Our goal is that assembling all this data will help identify trends, and especially we hope this toolkit will help identify potential problems before they become widespread. The tool kit has been designed to be intuitive. Please enter all relevant data in the appropriate spaces. If you find a question to be unclear or confusing, please let us know. The Emerging Fuels Task Force will continue to refine this tool kit to be as useful and user-friendly as possible. Please be aware that all information submitted may be shared on the ASTSWMO website and will be accessible to the public.

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