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Analysis of Superfund Site Assessment Program Cooperative Agreements with States: Benefits of Flexibility During Pre CERCLA Screening

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In Benefits of Flexibility During Pre CERCLA Screening, this project relies upon feedback from States, EPA OSRTI data and case studies to examine the States’ use of Pre-CERCLA Screening Assessments and how they can be applied most effectively. This report focuses on the PCS process and the beneficial outcomes obtained by States through use of the PCS tool. This report furthers the work of the May 2014 research findings by focusing on States’ use of the PCS process. The goals of this report are to:
  • Obtain additional information about States’ use of PCSs and whether additional flexibility in use of federal funds during the PCS process would be beneficial;
  • Report on number of PCSs performed and their outcomes; and
  • Provide recommendations about the PCS process with supportive, illustrative case studies.