ASTSWMO provides an excellent peer group to learn from, bounce ideas off, impact national policy and continue to grow as a professional. You will form friendships and professional relationships to last a life time. You can always call a former ASTSWMO member to ask for input or learn from their experience even once you leave state service. – Kathy Stiller (DE)

Get involved as early and as much as you can at every level within ASTSWMO, regardless of your level within your State Agency. ASTSWMO is a very powerful organization, that has the ability to affect the national discussion on the various environmental programs. – Clarence L. Smith (IL)

This is an excellent opportunity to learn and share your valuable knowledge with other state officials within your expertise areas. It is a personal satisfactory experience and can push you outside your comfort levels and grow personally. – James Warner (MN)

ASTSWMO presents a unique opportunity to engage with others around the country confronting the same or similar challenges that they face. Also, an opportunity to work with the highest level policy makers at EPA and other federal agencies to help guide federal policy direction, and to find solutions that work for states. It is a very rewarding experience. – Gary Baughman (CO)

ASTSWMO, through INVOLVEMENT is the best vehicle for enriching your career. It is also a wonderful avenue for problem solving and a rich environment for finding additional resources for your organization. – Stephen G. Reuter (NM)