2023 Sustainability of State Financial Assurance Funds for the Underground Storage Tank Programs

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The Financial Responsibility Task Force completed a document that presents emerging trends within the U.S. and Territories that are or will impact funding to State programs responsible for regulating and managing USTs. The Task Force identified four trends: transition from gasoline to alternative energy fuels; changes in how the public uses transportation; the future of retail gas stations; and political changes impacting funding State UST programs. The final output was a paper that summarizes the Task Force’s research and provides commentary on policy choices that States may consider in the coming years with a focus on UST program revenue, cleanup of UST releases, and aging UST system infrastructure. Considering the complexity of these issues and the potential for significant impact on state UST programs, most particularly state financial assurance funds, the ASTSWMO Tanks Subcommittee and the Financial Responsibility Task Force request that the EPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) provide a more detailed analysis of the trends identified.