National Priorities List (NPL) Designation report

ASTSWMO’s Site Assessment Focus Group developed a National Priorities List (NPL) Designation report, which presents results from a research project analyzing States’ views regarding whether additional NPL top-priority designations would be beneficial, and information about unsuccessful site listings.

Analysis of Superfund Site Assessment Program Cooperative Agreements with States: Benefits of Effective State and Federal Partnerships

In this Analysis of Site Assessment Program Cooperative Agreements with States report, the Focus Group is following up on the findings of the Superfund Site Assessment Program: Benefits Beyond NLP Listing reports.  The previous reports collected and reported the numbers of non-NPL outcomes on a national scale, however, their scope did not include investigating how these beneficial outcomes occur.  The goals of this report include showing how States leverage CERCLA Site Assessment work products to achieve cleanup outcomes, both NPL and non-NPL.  Additional goals included gathering and analyzing information on how States:

  • Use their Site Assessment Cooperative Agreement funding;
  • Employ efficiencies and best practices to improve the Site Assessment program; and
  • Track non-NPL beneficial outcomes of sites evaluated with their Site Assessment Cooperative Agreement funding.

This Analysis paper reports on the Focus Group’s research methods and shows how States use Site Assessment work products to achieve both NPL and non-NPL cleanup outcomes, multiplying the benefits of the Site Assessment Program. The report also describes: trends in the Site Assessment Program; State’s recommendations for improving the Site Assessment Program; availability of State programs to address NPL-caliber sites; and tracking non-NPL outcomes.

Superfund Site Assessment Program: Benefits Beyond NPL Listing

The Association’s Site Evaluation Focus Group developed this report to highlight the beneficial outcomes not traditionally captured, e.g., State site cleanups that result from the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) Site Assessment Program, commonly known as the Superfund Site Assessment (SA) Program.  This report shows that funds spent on Superfund site assessments result in benefits that go beyond National Priorities List (NPL) listing and that the overall success of the Superfund program should not be measured solely by the number of NPL listings or cleanups.