ASTSWMO 128(a) Position Paper

On January 11, 2002, President Bush signed the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act (Pub.L.No. 107-118, 115 stat. 2356, “the Brownfields Law”). The Brownfields Law amended the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund) by providing funds to assess and clean up brownfields; clarified CERCLA liability protections; and provided funds to enhance State and tribal response programs. Other related laws and regulations impact brownfields cleanup and reuse through financial incentives and regulatory requirements.

Toolbox for Community Redevelopment

The ASTSWMO Brownfields Focus Group has updated the toolbox that was produced by the Focus Group in 2007. This toolbox reflects on new procedures, information and resources in community redevelopment, and it will help communities redevelop brownfield properties, and provide the basics needed to navigate the redevelopment process and access resources to assist with revitalization efforts. The PDF version of the toolbox is ready to use as is and the Word version is provided to programs so that they may tailor the toolbox to program needs.
Toolbox (PDF)
Toolbox (WORD)

128(a) Successes Checklist

The Checklist and Defintions below are meant to summarize the work accomplished during the reporting period that is not captured by ACRES and PALS.  It is not meant to be a comprehensive compilation unless defined as such but rather a “snapshot taken” during that period.  We realize that programs and needs vary from State to State (and territories) and therefore accomplishments will also vary so the Checklist not meant to be a “to do” list or goal to complete a task to obtain a number in every box but rather an improved manner to report accomplishments and to provide a means to easily summarize what is being done on a national level.
Introduction and Definitions of the 128(a) Successes Checklist (PDF)
128(a) Successes Checklist (Excel)

Community Gardening Toolbox

The Toolbox is designed to assist States by providing a reference guide for State environmental staff on community gardening on brownfield sites. States are encouraged to personalize the toolbox by adding their own State-specific and other regulatory information to increase the documents applicability and usefulness. The final Toolbox is presented in Microsoft Word so States are able to reformat the document for their own specific needs.
Community Gardening Toolbox 
Appendix A: References
Appendix B: Site Model