CERCLA and Brownfields Research Center Subcommittee

The ASTSWMO CERCLA and Brownfields Research Center’s mission is to enhance and promote the development of flexible and effective State-run cleanup programs addressing releases of hazardous substances into the environment, including State-run Superfund programs under CERCLA, and State Response programs in their implementation of the Small Business Liability Relief and Brownfields Revitalization Act. This includes research of specific program elements; the development of State position papers; commenting on federal regulation and policy development; and the development and dissemination of resource documents and tools to assist States in developing and enhancing their State Superfund and State Response/Brownfields programs. Research is overseen by the CERCLA and Brownfields Research Center Subcommittee and its programmatic Focus Groups, covering State Superfund programs, removal actions, long-term stewardship, State Response and Brownfields programs, site evaluation, and sediments.

Brownfields Focus Group

The mission of the Brownfields FG is to promote the use and effectiveness, and recognize the diversity of, State Response and Brownfields programs, while providing research tools and training for State program development and enhancement.

Meade Anderson (VA), Chair

Remedial Action Focus Group

The mission of the Remedial Action FG is to research issues associated with the remediation of hazardous substances at State and federal Superfund sites and the infrastructure development needs of these State programs. This mission includes providing States with the research tools, studies and training necessary to develop and enhance their programs, and to carry out their responsibilities in the federal Superfund program. The Focus Group actively evaluates the potential impacts and relevance to the States of Superfund program issues. The Focus Group works closely with EPA staff to identify priority issues and approaches to resolving those issues.

Amy Brittain (OK), Chair

CERCLA Post Construction Focus Group

The mission of the CERCLA Post Construction FG is to promote facilitation and maintenance of reliable, effective, and protective remedies constructed at contaminated sites, to include identification of the resources necessary following remedy construction, and to communicate State program strategies effectively among interested parties.

Sonia Feldstein (CA), Chair

Removal Action Focus Group

The mission of the Removal Action FG is to advocate for and support State removal action and emergency response programs, to enhance these programs’ capabilities to perform time critical and non-time critical removal actions and emergency response activities, so that these may be performed with greater protectiveness of human health and the environment, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The Focus Group will work to enhance the partnership between the States and EPA in implementation of removal actions and emergency response actions, to facilitate effective transition of these sites to States for further remediation and site reuse.

Bruce Everetts (IL), Chair

Site Assessment Focus Group

The mission of the Site Assessment Focus Group is to serve as a voice and resource for State programs in the initial stages of hazardous substance detection, the appropriate tools and methods for detection and identification of potential risks, and the communication of these risks to the public.

Gabriele Hauer (IN), Chair

Sediments Focus Group

The mission of the Sediments Focus Group is to create opportunities for State-to-State information exchange and the development of new approaches for contaminated sediment assessment and remediation, as well as to influence national sediment cleanup guidance and policy.

Chip Crockett (AL), Chair

Federal Facilities Research Center Subcommittee

The mission of the Federal Facilities Research Center is to promote and enhance State and Territory involvement in the cleanup and reuse of contaminated federal facilities and to facilitate information exchange by and between States, Territories, and federal agencies. This includes identifying and researching emerging issues related to State and federal cleanup programs at federal facilities; producing and disseminating resource documents, tools, and policy positions; reviewing and commenting on federal regulation and policy development; and working with EPA, DoD, and other federal agencies on variety of federal facilities issues and forums.

Remediation and Reuse Focus Group

The mission of the Remediation and Reuse FG is to identify and investigate issues arising from the remediation, reuse, and long-term management of federal facilities. This includes researching and developing resource documents, issue papers, and other tools on the implementation of alternative or innovative remediation policies and strategies; site closeout and transfer; reuse and redevelopment of federal facilities; and long-term stewardship.

Ruben Zamarripa (MO), Chair

State Federal Coordination Focus Group

The mission of the State Federal Coordination FG is to promote and enhance communication, policy development, and program implementation by and between States, Territories, and federal partners related to federal facilities restoration. This includes identifying and investigating national policy and programmatic issues; developing policy positions, guidance documents, fact sheets and other tools; and facilitating and strengthening communication with State and federal partners.

Anthony Cinque (NJ), Chair

Hazardous Waste Subcommittee

The Hazardous Waste Subcommittee is comprised of three Task Forces which discuss policy and technical aspects of the RCRA hazardous waste program, research specific program elements of interest to States, develop positions or recommendations, and provide expert comment on issues arising from the implementation of the RCRA program at the State level. Specific work activities focus on the areas of corrective action, permitting, compliance monitoring, enforcement and information management.

Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Task Force

The mission of the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement TF is to establish cooperative partnerships between the States, U.S. EPA headquarters and regions which promote consistent, effective and efficient hazardous waste enforcement and compliance assurance approaches nationwide; recognize and accommodate the perspectives of individual States; enhance State capabilities; and have compliance as an objective.

Steve Simoes (VT), Chair

Corrective Action and Permitting Task Force

The mission of the Corrective Action and Permitting TF is to coordinate State efforts in working with U.S. EPA to develop and implement comprehensive, manageable and efficient hazardous waste corrective action, closure and permitting regulations, procedures, policies, guidance and performance measures that ensure protection of human health and the environment.

Paula Bansch (IN), Chair

Program Information Management Task Force

The mission of the Program Information Management TF is to enhance State and Territorial hazardous waste information management systems in support of the RCRA hazardous waste program as well as contribute to the development and establishment of national hazardous waste information management systems, policies, and system changes and improvements.

Valerie Kauffman (NV), Chair

Materials Management Subcommittee

The mission of the Materials Management Subcommittee is to enhance and promote the development of effective State and Territorial materials management programs that incorporate product stewardship, source reduction, beneficial use, recycling, conversion technology and land disposal.

Beneficial Use Task Force

The mission of the Beneficial Use TF is to identify and inform States of information, successful practices and procedures which can be used to make beneficial use determinations (BUDs) that are protective of human health and the environment. To transfer the best available technical and administrative information to States developing or improving beneficial use work in solid waste and waste minimization programs.

Kathy Prather (NY), Chair

Sustainable Materials Management Task Force

The mission of the ASTSWMO Sustainable Materials Management TF is to provide leadership and promote actions that reduce waste, conserve resources, prevent pollution, and foster sustainability through identifying recycling opportunities and partnerships and through the development and implementation of educational programs about recycling.

Cathy Jamieson (VT), Chair

Solid Waste Disposal and Conversion Task Force

The goal of the Solid Waste Disposal and Conversion TF is to assist State and Territorial solid waste management programs by: 1) providing program development information and support for State and Territorial waste program managers and staff and 2) providing input to EPA and other interested parties on their proposed priorities and initiatives for municipal solid waste landfill programs.

Kathryn Perszyk (VA), Chair

Radiation Task Force

The mission of the Radiation TF is to identify national level radiation issues, coordinate State input, encourage improved partnership between State and federal agencies; and produce issue papers and other products as necessary to promote State interests on national radiation issues.

Bud Yard (TN), Chair

Tanks Subcommittee

The Tanks Subcommittee includes four Task Forces that manage the inspection of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) which typically contain petroleum products; provide oversight for the remediation any leaks or spills from these USTs; and administer financial assurance funds that are offered to the owners and operators of USTs. The members also provide comments on federal policies and rulemaking and work directly with both federal officials at U.S. EPA’s Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST) and officials of the State and Territorial UST programs.

Underground Storage Tank Task Force

The UST TF’s mission is to represent the interests of State and Territorial programs whose primary responsibility is the environmental regulation of State and Federally regulated USTs. These programs work in concert with U.S. EPA to ensure that owners and operators are in compliance with leak prevention, leak detection and financial responsibility requirements and, by so doing, reduce the impact of UST releases on human health and the environment. The Task Force serves as a liaison between State and Territorial UST Programs and the U.S. EPA and provides a forum for sharing information and ideas among State regulatory officials.

John Olko (NJ), Chair

Leaking Underground Storage Tank Task Force

The LUST TF represents the unique concerns of State LUST Programs responsible for oversight, investigation, and remediation of releases of controlled substances from USTs. The LUST Task Force recognizes the important role of State LUST Programs in protecting human health and the environment through reducing exposure risk to contamination from UST releases. The Task Force will serve as a liaison between State and Territorial LUST Programs and the U.S. EPA, and act as a clearinghouse for distributing technical information and ideas among State LUST regulatory officials.

Dorothy Malaier (AL), Chair

State Fund - Financial Responsibility Task Force

The mission of the State Fund - Financial Responsibility (SF-FR) TF is to identify important issues affecting State petroleum cleanup and/or liability financial assurance trust funds for USTs, to create a forum for the State officials who manage them to communicate and share related information and experiences, to interact and communicate with officials at the U.S. EPA on issues pertaining to its regulation and oversight of State petroleum UST programs, and to work together to achieve our mutual goals.

David Chambers (NE), Chair

Emerging Fuels Task Force

The mission of the Emerging Fuels TF is to assist the States' and Territories' UST programs by providing resources and information related to managing the storage and releases of new fuels that are in use or in development.

Mahesh Albuquerque (CO), Chair

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