UST Common Compliance Violations Reports

The UST Task Force solicited information from all States in an effort to determine which violations are most often encountered during UST compliance inspections and other verification activities. The intent of this report is to provide a national perspective with regard to which UST violations are discovered in greatest frequency and may require additional attention. The data could impact where States allocate resources and how they perform onsite UST inspections, where the regulated community can best allocate their resources to improve compliance, and future decisions regarding the long-term direction of State and federal programs.

The UST Task Force plans to update these reports on a biennial basis to identify any trends across the UST programs.
UST Common Compliance Violations Report – FY 2014
UST Common Compliance Violations Report – FY 2012

ASTSWMO Policy Position on UST Open Bermed Containment Systems

This position paper addresses open bermed containment systems that are used to meet the spill prevention equipment requirements for underground storage tanks (USTs) outlined in 40 CFR 280.20(c). Bermed containment systems are configured with small concrete berms or curbing that surround the fill riser(s) for a UST system and are typically used at high volume facilities. The floor of the bermed containment systems are generally constructed of concrete and most of these systems have a drain that diverts any spilled liquid, rainwater, or melted snow, to an oil/water separator.

An Analysis of UST System Infrastructure in Select States

In 2014, ASTSWMO formed the Aging Tanks Workgroup to examine issues related to aging UST systems and the potential impacts to owners, operators, and State UST programs. The Workgroup’s objective was to analyze whether aging UST infrastructure poses a higher risk of leaks, thus creating higher risks for State tank funds and private insurers and, ultimately, higher costs for tank owners/operators. The final report includes an analysis of UST system data from eight participating States as well as information on potential risk factors of fuel leaks, State policies and initiatives for mitigating risks of aging tanks, and State fund and financial insurance considerations.

Operator Training Resource Guide and Spreadsheet

The ASTSWMO UST Task Force has developed the Operator Training Resource Guide as an information tool for States and Territories, as well as operators. It contains core information on each State UST operator training program such as the method States choose to conduct operator training, limitations imposed, how training programs and trainers are approved, and the name, phone number, and program website for each State/Territory operator training program. The UST Task Force will conduct periodic updates in order to keep the Guide up to date with new or revised information.

Operator Training Resource Guide
Operator Training Spreadsheet
Operator Training Spreadsheet (separated by decision points, 12 pages)