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Highlight of the Month:
2014 Mid-Year Session on Brownfield Redevelopment

2014 Mid-Year Meeting: CERCLA and Brownfields Breakout Session

Please also see the ASTSWMO Position Paper on 128a funding.


Recent News

Compendium of Emergency Response Actions at UST Sites – Version 2The LUST Task Force updated the 2012 Emergency Response Compendium to include 14 additional information sheets on emergency response actions that have occurred in States across the country, dating from 2007 to 2013.  UST programs across the country require reporting, initial abatement measures, and free product removal activities to occur immediately upon discovery of a release to protect human health and the environment. The Compendium is available on the Tanks Subcommittee Publications webpage.

Tanks Core Report: The Tanks Subcommittee and Core Report Workgroup completed its analysis on the costs of operating and maintaining the State UST programs in its new report, Development and Implementation of State Tanks Core Programs, released June 2014. The data is compiled and analyzed to provide a picture of how different States are utilizing both federal and State funds, and how expected budget cuts may impact the Tanks programs.  The report is available on the Tanks Subcommittee Publications webpage.

ASTSWMO's Spring Newsletter is available. All newsletters are archived on the Newsletter page.

All video from the 2014 Mid-Year Meeting are available on the Recorded Sessions page.

The 2013 Annual State Fund Survey reports are released. These reports are available on the Tanks Subcommittee Publications page.

Registration for the 2014 UST Compliance and Prevention Workshop is now open. See the workshop announcement for details.

In their Analysis of Site Assessment Program Cooperative Agreements with States report, the Site Evaluation Focus Group is following up on the findings of the Superfund Site Assessment Program: Benefits Beyond NLP Listing reports. The previous reports collected and reported the numbers of non-NPL outcomes on a national scale, however, their scope did not include investigating how these beneficial outcomes occur. The goals of this report include showing how States leverage CERCLA Site Assessment work products to achieve cleanup outcomes, both NPL and non-NPL. The Report is archived on the CERCLA and Brownfields Policies and Publications page.



Potential Task Force and Focus Group members: see our Members page for pertinent information, including all Subcommittee openings.

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Upcoming Meetings

August 20-22, 2014: UST Compliance and Prevention Workshop in Manchester, NH. Registration is closed.

October 29-30, 2014: ASTSWMO Annual Meeting in Reston, VA.



ASTSWMO's mission is to enhance and promote effective State and Territorial programs for waste and materials management, to encourage environmentally sustainable practices and to affect relevant national waste and materials management policies.